Wizlock Visual Identity

Art Director / Designer | 2017

I designed the Wizlock visual identity including UI application, website, catalog, poster, and advertising Campaign during the course of three months in spring 2017. In this package, I tried to create some ideas for clarifying the new concept of the project for its audience by considering the start-up nature of the project. Wizlock was a new startup which showed the user’s favorite content when turning on the mobile screen. The subject of this content was already selected by the user (sports, art, lifestyle, etc.). Scores were gained by reading that content and the user used the application features by his scores (food order discounts, online shopping, etc.). For example, in one of the advertisements, there is a mobile in the hand showing a content about the Amazon jungle animals while the surrounding area is the Amazon jungle. A wild tiger and a delivery man holding pizza in his hands are shown in the corner of the frame. ¬†Why?! Because you enter your favorite world through Wizlock and as you are enjoying the study, your lunch will get closer to you with the gained score.


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