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Graphic Stories Cyprus | Writing, The Origins of Civilisation

Few of the achievements of human wisdom can be compared to the creation of writing. This wisdom, which separated him from the rest of the living beings on the planet, began to transform its environment creating civilization, in its modern sense, around 5000 BC. The theme of the contest, “Writing, the origins of Civilisation”, and the corresponding exhibition are actions that aim at highlighting and promoting the importance of writing in relation to culture, literature and arts, both locally and globally, as well as the importance in the evolution and future development of humankind. My design Brief: Ferdowsi is one of the greatest poets and literary figures in Persian language history. He wrote a book about 1000 years ago called Shahnameh (Book of Kings). Shahnameh is one of the greatest and most prominent epic poems in the world, which is the achievement of at least thirty years of the tireless efforts of this great Iranian poet. I also designed this poster with respect to the theme of your exhibition, and I tried to give homage to my homeland’s legendary poet.

“The houses that are the dwelling of today will sink beneath shower and sunshine to decay but storm and rain shall never mar the palace that I have built with my poetry.” Ferdowsi


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