As It Should Be…

Yellow is everywhere yellow and blue is always Blue.

Cultures are different, but the image of a tree is everywhere image of a tree, with green leaf and forms of its shadow. so let’s talk about the images and forms. let’s Communicate with the power of design and try to learn this globally beautiful language. Even with the difference between our cultures. The PDP design competition in Serbia is considered as one of the major design exhibitions in Europe. I designed a poster for this competition that was fortunately selected as one of the 25 top posters among 700 posters in the world. My poster was placed on the wall of the exhibition. I used the combination of Persian and English typography and the translation of the sentence (Design as it should be) to display the concept and theme of the exhibition. By using the main colors (yellow, red, and blue), I attempted to express the simplicity and complexity of design together.



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