A slight Ache

Art Direction

Play by Harold Pinter

Stage Designer | Art Director
May 2011

A Slight Ache is a tragicomic play written by Harold Pinter in 1958. It concerns a married couple’s dreams and desires, focusing mostly on the husband’s fears of the unknown, of growing old, and of the “Other” as a threat to his self-identity. After reading the play, which was highly appealing to me, I took the responsibility of stage design, lighting, costume and poster design for this play. Using the power of lighting, of which I had a little information, I tried to express the mental feelings of each scene. I used one of the paintings by René Magritte for the couple’s house to induce surrealistic atmosphere of the play. In addition, I used a lot of shutters to display the illusions in the suspended mind of the man. The shutters changed the mood of the house every time by being opened and closed. This play, which was performed at the Iranian Artists Forum for two weeks in winter 2011, won the best stage design award at the student theater festival in Tehran.



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